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Electrical engineering

Tymar Systems Development Ltd

Over 25 years' experience in hardware and software development, technical consulting and high-level system design. Also experienced in management consulting and project management.

Fixed-rate contracts preferred.

Phone or email Nic Cave-Lynch to discuss.

021 304-752 or 04 972-5343

Some projects from the last decade

Client: TeamTalk
Trunked mobile radio direct data interface

Hardware and software to allow customers to send data to, and receive data from, trucks and other mobile users connected to the TeamTalk mobile radio network. This system has two key benefits: it gives more capacity for connecting to the radio network than could be provided using radios directly, and it does so at a much lower cost because there are no physical radios and antennas to be provided for each customer.


Client: TeamTalk
Billing data capture system

This is a software system using standard PCs to capture billing data from one of TeamTalk's radio networks. This is a mission-critical system which has been running non-stop since early 2005.


Clients: TeamTalk / Fonterra
Modem for sending data over mobile radio

The T3M modem makes it as simple to implement mobile data applications on trunked mobile networks as it is on cellular networks. The device fits inside a Tait TM8200 radio, which also reduces installation costs.

The T3M sends and receives packets of TCP data (TCP is how data is sent between computers and the Internet). Since it behaves like an ordinary cellular modem (although slower), the application developer doesn’t need to understand the details of trunked radio or MAP27. Mobile data applications for the T3M can run on common devices such as the PalmPilot or iPaq.

The T3M is currently being used in Fonterra’s tanker fleet. Fonterra admit that without the T3M they would have stopped using trunked mobile radio.


Client: Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd (UK)
Light Curtain motion controller

A light curtain is a theatrical lighting effect in which several very narrow beams of light are swept together across the stage. This project was to develop a new controller for an existing installation. The implementation was a servo-controlled positioning system, with the servo control done using a PIC microcontroller programmed in C.


Client: major global telecommunications company

Designed and developed hardware and software for a new version of their high-speed Internet access product. The product integrates Virata communications processor and ATMOS software with a Symmetric High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (SHDSL) chip set to provide bi-directional high-speed access to the Internet, as well as telephone service over the same pair of wires.

Duties included facilitating meetings with the rest of the team to finalise the product specification; designing the software architecture for the product and writing software specifications in Unified Modelling Language (UML); writing low-level boot and hardware management software in ARM assembly language and C; developing the microprocessor support circuitry and interfaces; writing specification for a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) program to provide many of the "glue" interface functions; working with AHDL and VHDL hardware description languages to implement and debug the FPGA code; and developing a web-page scripting language for the embedded web-based configuration system.


Client: Frank Romanovsky

BrailleTrax (provisional name) was developed for another organisation. The program provides a multimedia system for helping blind students learn the intricacies of mathematical Braille.

Electrical engineering
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